Patient Speak

  • Nadeem Walji | Toronto, Canada
    The service and friendliness of everyone at this hospital is incredible. I feel like everyone is more of a friend than a staff member. The nurses are so great as well as the doctors and therapists. I have never had such an enjoyable time in a hospital in my life. ...
    Nadeem Walji | Toronto, Canada
  • Bernard Bewesy | Rockford, UK
    Thank you for your excellent care. Every member of staff were competent, Courteous, Compassionate and professional in their care. The cleanliness of the hospital is superb, England’s hospitals need to see KIMS.
    Bernard Bewesy | Rockford, UK
  • Colin Hewes | Devon, England
    Sample Sentehis is one of the cleanest hospitals I have seen. I have found the standard of care to be second to none. The staffs are professional, caring and very friendly, everyone - room service, cleaning, administration, doctors last by not least, nurses, have been wonderful to me. Thank you all
    Colin Hewes | Devon, England
  • Anjali Nair | Trivandrum
    Would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for the great care, love, concern, attention and affection shown to me during my pregnancy and my precious darling and bundle of joy stepped into our lives thanks to the wonderful team....Its been a wonderful experience being in KIMS and ...
    Anjali Nair | Trivandrum
  • Sasikumar K. Pillai | Qatar
    KIMS not only provides class treatment but the attitude of Doctors and Supporting-Staff are tremendous. I appreciate the understanding of Dr. R. Jayakumar of Voice Clinic for his support in attending my vocal process issues on short notice. Such behaviors of Doctors make KIMS a WORLD CLASS HEALTH SERVICE PROVIDER.
    Sasikumar K. Pillai | Qatar
  • Gerhard Backendorf | Germany
    KIMS saved my life. My second on 19.11.2007 after an MI. Thank you for my new life and second chance. KIMS is excellent with its kind and compassionate staff.
    Gerhard Backendorf | Germany
  • James S.Sable | Attorney at Law, Seattle, WA
    I was touring Kerala when I contracted a bacterial infection and went into shock. The infection had transformed itself into sepsis. I was first treated in the Emergency Department and later at the Intensive Care Unit at KIMS. I cannot thank all the folks there for the care I received ...
    James S.Sable | Attorney at Law, Seattle, WA
  • Anthony Cox | Suffolk, UK
    I have visited many hospitals but KIMS has to be one of the finest anywhere in the world. From the International desk to the private executive room, service and hospitality has been excellent. I would highly recommend KIMS to all. Once again many thanks for your help.
    Anthony Cox | Suffolk, UK
  • Janice Brace | France
    Thank you for the professional care and friendly attitude. The cleanliness and food are excellent. My best hospital experience.
    Janice Brace | France
  • Harold Whitehead | California, USA
    KIMS is excellent - the staff, doctors, rooms and food is superb. My every need was met with kindness and patience and I was comfortable 100% of the time. I will recommend all my friends to come to KIMS for all elective procedures. Keep up the good work
    Harold Whitehead | California, USA

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