Dr.Nishanth David Thomas

Education And Fellowship

MBBS, MD, Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Diabetology

Dr.Nishanth is a dynamic clinician with an excellent track record. He has completed MBBS with 3rd rank, from Cochin University of Science and Technology, MD in Internal Medicine from Trivandrum Medical College and Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Diabetology from JIPMER, the only MCI recognized diabetology course in the country.

He worked as a Postdoctoral fellow in Diabetology at JIPMER, which is an institute of national importance and one of the most prestigious medical schools in India. He has managed the OPD clinics, IP and inbound referrals ofEndocrinology department at Trivandrum Medical College. He is well trained in managing Endocrine disorders and attending endocrine related consultations from other medical and surgical specialties. He has been involved in managing diabetic cases and in teaching and research activities related to diabetes at Indian Institute of Diabetes, Trivandrum. Also involved in research and publications in JIPMER and in Indian Institute of Diabetes