Major services offered

  • Speech therapy for speech defects
  • Counselling for Behavioural Disorders
  • Counselling for  Epilepsy patients
  • Anti-epileptic drug level estimation in blood
  • Spiral CT scanner including CT cerebral angiography, venography and myelography
  • Botox Therapy for movement disorders, spasticity, headache.

4-channel EMG machine for

  •  Nerve Conduction Study
  •  Electromyography
  •  Visual evoked Potential (VEP) study
  •  Brainstem auditory evoked potential (AEP) study
  •  Somato-Sensory Evoked Potential (SSEP) study
  •  Repetitive Nerve Stimulation (RNS) study for myasthenia gravis and other neuro muscular junction disorders
  •  Physiotherapy
  •  Occupational Therapy
  •  Rehabilitation
  •  Swallowing therapy

Dr. Ashok VP

Speciality : Neurology

Designation : Neurologist

Date and time : Wednesday | 10.30am- 2.30pm

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